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Digication is the leading provider of ePortfolio and assessment management systems. Digication develops its platform with students, faculty, programs and institutions needs in mind, and enables institutions to close the loop that links student learning to institutional assessment and reporting. In short, Digication helps institutions realize their mission every step of the way: from providing an engaging environment for active learning, and enabling faculty to enhance their pedagogical strategies, to enabling student career readiness, faculty development, data-driven planning for institutional improvement and accreditation reporting.

Our commitment to support the needs of all stakeholder groups led us to create an award winning ePortfolio system and to integrate it with an Assessment Management System that promotes evidence-based assessment at all institutional levels. More than 5,000 institutions use Digication, at all levels K-12 and higher education.

Digication for Students

Students can leverage Digication ePortfolios to expand their learning strategies and achieve deep learning, to document and showcase their academic successes, and to demonstrate career readiness. Moreover, Digication provides alumni with unlimited access to continue using their ePortfolios for life-long learning and career advancement after graduation at no charge to the alumni or the institution.

ePortfolios are multi-dimensional platforms, in which students can embed materials in a variety of media formats. The versatility of ePortfolios allows students to approach creatively the material taught in class, reflect on their curricular and co-curricular experiences and to develop awareness of their learning processes. In addition, students can dedicate space in their ePortfolios for collaborative projects and for engaging in interaction with their peers and faculty members.

Digication for Faculty

Faculty can develop ePortfolios to enhance their pedagogical strategies by leveraging ePortfolios’ multimedia capabilities, to promote an active learning environment and to assess authentic student work to program and institutional competencies. In addition, faculty can leverage the ePortfolios system to document and demonstrate their continuous commitment to professional growth.

As pedagogical tools, ePortfolios enable faculty to create a student-centered classroom by providing a virtual space in which students can debate and reflect on the curricular material, and engage in project-based learning. Faculty can harness the visual features of ePortfolios to render visible relations among hard to grasp notions and to encourage integrative learning.

In short, ePortfolios provide faculty with the pedagogical tools needed to help their students become self-starting, adaptable lifelong learners.

Digication for Program and Institutional Leaders

Digication provides program leaders and administrators a highly flexible assessment management and reporting system that permits them to gain both a top-down (program-centered), and a bottom-up, (learner-centered) view of their program’s effectiveness and improvement needs.

Digication’s assessment management system integrates assignment-level student learning outcomes with the data and learning standards specific to a particular program (i.e. ABET, CAEP), and further, with the overall institution’s assessment standards and goals, and with state and national learning standards and rubrics, (i.e. NEASC, SACS, AAC&U).