Free 6-month Digication Pilot

Exclusive offer for AAC&U IeP and iGEPA participating institutions!

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Free 6-month Digication Pilot Offering Details


What is the pilot offering

What is the pilot offering

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Through our partnership with AAC&U and its Institute on ePortfolios (IeP) and Institute on General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment (iGEPA), we’re offering a free 6-month Digication Pilot to participating member institutions.

During this pilot, an unlimited number of people at your institution can utilize the platform recognized for its extensive tools and features supporting general education program initiatives and high-impact practices.

We’ll provide you with all the resources you need for a successful Digication Pilot.

Why sign-up for a pilot

Why sign-up for a pilot

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We've been enhancing teaching and learning in General Education programs for more than twenty-years.

With over 7,000 K-12 schools currently utilizing our platform, Digication seeks through our partnership with AAC&U to assist your educational institution in using the Digication Learning Platform by making access available for free for an unlimited number of users and courses for 6 months.

Digication has been dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning in general education programs like yours by providing tools that allow you to:

Demonstrate Student Learning and Growth

  • Students can create, share and showcase their work, including projects, papers, presentations, and ePortfolios. This helps demonstrate their learning and growth over time.
  • Reflection tools and prompts encourage students to reflect on their learning experiences, helping them connect coursework with general education outcomes.

Provide Authentic Assessment and Feedback

  • Instructors can use Digication's built-in rubric tools to assess student work against specific general education outcomes. This ensures students are achieving the anticipated learning outcomes but also provides crucial data to verify the effectiveness of the general education curriculum's design and implementation.
  • Instructors and peers can provide detailed feedback on student submissions, helping students understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Track Learning Outcomes

  • Digication allows institutions to map courses and assignments to general education outcomes, ensuring that the curriculum is aligned with program and institutional goals.
  • Administrators and faculty can track student progress toward meeting general education requirements, identifying gaps and areas for improvement.

Collaborate and Build Community

  • Students and faculty can share work such as projects, presentations and ePortfolios within the institution, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Institutions can highlight exemplary student work and best practices in teaching, promoting a culture of excellence.

Generate Data and Facilitate Reporting

  • Digication provides data analytics tools to assess the effectiveness of general education programs. Institutions can generate reports to evaluate student performance and program outcomes.
  • The insights gained from data analysis can inform continuous improvement efforts, helping to refine and enhance the general education curriculum.

Support Diverse Learning Styles

  • Students can integrate various media types (videos, images, audio) into their work and ePortfolios, catering to different learning styles and allowing for more creative expression.
  • Digication's platform is designed to be accessible, ensuring that all students, including those with disabilities, can effectively participate and showcase their work.

Provide Professional Development and Training

  • Digication offers resources and training for faculty to effectively use the platform, enhancing their ability to support student learning and assessment.
  • Institutions can share best practices and innovative approaches to teaching and learning within iGEP.

By leveraging Digication's features, general education programs can enhance student learning, provide meaningful assessments, and ensure alignment with program and institutional goals.

The Steps to Successful Pilot Implementation

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get started and grow your implementation successfully.

Define Outcomes

Define Outcomes

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We're here to help you make the most of your pilot.

Define and share the goals and outcomes of your general education program with us and we’ll give you recommendations on the best tools, features and pedagogical practices to make the most of your Digication Learning Platform pilot.

Schedule Training

Schedule Training

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Unlimited Online Training & Professional Development

Schedule unlimited online training for you and your pilot team so you're equipped with the knowledge you need to best utilize the Digication Learning Platform in your Gen Ed courses and curriculum.

Enable Integration

Enable Integration

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Simple integration with your Learning Management System

Integrate Digication with your learning management system (LMS) for quick and easy access to Digication right from courses making account setup, sign-in and grading a breeze.

Add Users & Courses

Add Users & Courses

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Add unlimited users and courses

Start your free pilot program with unlimited users to test and refine your use of the platform to meet your Gen Ed goals.

Add Assignments

Add Assignments

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Add Assignments & Prompts

Add assignments and prompts correlated to gen ed outcomes making the collection and assessment of student work simple and streamlined.

Assess Submissions

Assess Submissions

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Review and Assess Student Work

Review and assess student work and reflections using gen ed outcomes and rubrics ensuring students are making progress and meeting learning outcomes to continuously improve your gen ed strategies and curriculum.

Share Progress

Share Progress

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Share Your Progress & Make Plans for Next Steps

Share your process and progress with us as we continue to be an extension of your team to plan for next steps beyond the pilot.

Beyond the Pilot

After the pilot we have options for you to extend your access to Digication with subscriptions that fit your goals and budget.

Pilot Renewal

Pilot Renewal


Pilot Renewal Options for Every Budget

Pricing plans to fit your needs and budget now and in the future. Only pay for what you need and flexibly grow your subscription overtime.

Faculty and alumni accounts are free!

Enterprise Subscriptions

Enterprise Subscriptions


Inexpensive and flexible enterprise plans that fit your needs and budget.

Enterprise level features and support give you the flexibility you need to implement Digication and scale usage in a way that suits your program or institution best. With over 20 years experience our team is here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Our Program and Institution Plans offer features and support including:

  • Unlimited ePortfolios
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Smartphone and Tablet Support
  • Comprehensive Course & Assignment Features
  • Powerful Grade book and Assessment Features
  • Advanced Assessment Reports
  • Ensured Privacy & Security
  • Enterprise Onboarding
  • Unlimited Training & Support
  • SSO Integration
  • LMS Integration
  • SIS Integration
  • API Access
  • FREE Alumni Access
  • 100% Ad Free