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Make Learning Visible

Over 7,000 schools trust Digication to Make Learning Visible  through high-impact practices, project-based learning and outcome assessment. We believe people learn better when they are part of a community where they can be seen, be heard, and be recognized. Our learning platform gives people the tools to create and share work, experiences, and ePortfolios with friends, teachers, and potential employers. Join millions of students, teachers and alumni creating with Digication today!

Our Story

Founded By Educators

Digication was co-founded in 2002 by husband and wife team Jeffrey Yan and Kelly Driscoll. Their background and experience as educators and designers changed the field of ePortfolios from one that was solely focused on data aggregation for accreditation to one that was student-centered while also supporting the needs of course, program, and institution-level assessment.

Digication’s ePortfolio and Assessment Management System now serves users from over 7,000 schools in K-12 and higher education. The company continues to be an education mission-focused business and is not governed by a financially-driven board typically comprised of outside investors. While Digication has been successful as a business in terms of growth and revenue, profit is not the most important factor. Student learning is.

The Digication ePortfolio and Assessment Management System is a student-centered teaching, learning, and assessment tool that provides flexibility for students to showcase and share their learning through text, files, and media with a variety of audiences both on and off their campus.

As student-centric tools, Digication addresses the challenge outlined in Watson & Doolittle (2015): ePortfolios should serve as “lifelong learning companions, providing a mechanism for sustained reflection, multilevel feedback, and existential reflection” all while capturing and storing evidence of student learning.


  • Kelly Driscoll, Digication Co-founder & President
    Kelly Driscoll
  • Co-founder & President

  • Jeffrey Yan, Digication Co-founder & CEO
    Jeffrey Yan
  • Co-founder & CEO

  • Heidi Bouma, Digication COO
    Heidi Bouma
  • COO

Kelly Driscoll

Kelly Driscoll

Co-founder & President

Kelly Driscoll co-founded Digication in 2002. As president of the company, Driscoll’s primary responsibilities involve business development and sales.

In addition to Driscoll’s business and leadership experience, she has ten years of experience as an educator, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses at Bryant University and the Rhode Island School of Design. As an educator with extensive background in Web application development and user interface design, Driscoll’s specialty as a teacher was leveraging technology to engage students in active learning and to provide faculty with new opportunities for feedback and assessment of student work.

Driscoll regularly gives lectures and presentations on topics including "Online Communities for Facilitating Teaching and Learning", “Assessment for Learning”, and "Strategies for ePortfolio Implementation" at conferences including most recently AAC&U, CHEP and Virginia Assessment Group.

Driscoll is an active member of the National Association of Woman Business Owners, and has recently been featured in the following online and print publications: BusinessWeek.com, CareerBuilder.com, MSN Careers, CollegeRecruiter.com, and the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation.

Driscoll holds a BFA degree from Rhode Island School of Design.

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Jeffrey Yan

Jeffrey Yan

Co-founder & CEO

Jeffrey Yan co-founded Digication in 2002, and as CEO of the company, he is the co-creator of Digication's award winning e-Portfolio and Assessment Management System for educational institutions. Digication is used by students at over 5,000 K-12 and higher educational institutions nationally, including Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Brown University, Cornell University, Yale University, and Stanford University.

Yan’s company Digication has been featured in Forbes, Christian Science Monitor, Campus Technology C-Level View, Inside the Net, Campus Technology Campus Briefs, Education Week, T.H.E. Journal, and numerous other publications. Yan taught undergraduate and graduate level courses at Rhode Island School of Design. His expertise focuses upon practical implementation of web and mobile technology, with particular emphasis upon enhancing integrative pedagogy and experiential learning.

Yan is a regular speaker at industry events, including the American Association of College & University, Campus Technology, and Educause, drawing upon his experience as an early pioneer developing web technologies and their applications to next-generation education systems. In 2006, Yan was recognized by Rhode Island School of Design, with the prestigious Alumni Award in the Art of Education. Yan is a former Trustee Member of RISD and President of the RISD Alumni Council. Mr. Yan holds BFA and BArch (Bachelor of Architecture) degrees from Rhode Island School of Design.

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Heidi Bouma

Heidi Bouma


Heidi joined Digication in 2012. As COO, she is responsible for daily operations, and makes sure that all aspects of the company align with Digication's goals and vision. Overseeing the finances at Digication, Heidi's alter ego has affectionately become known as "the budget lady." She also works to ensure employee happiness through innovative support programs, and leads and mentors team members in various departments. 

Heidi also manages Digication's customer relationships. Interacting with customers brings her great joy, since all of her work helps to provide customers with a product that allows users to "make learning visible."

Heidi graduated from Dordt University with a degree in HR Management. 

When she's not at her desk, Heidi can usually be found biking around the neighborhood with her foster kiddos or searching for woodland creatures in Minnesota's forests.

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Change the way students learn.
We believe students learn better when they are immersed in projects that they care about, not meaningless tests that have little to do with the real world. Digication lets students create their own learning portfolio online and share between friends, professors, and potential employers. More than 7,000 higher education and K-12 schools are already using our system.

Digication is changing the way students learn from the ground up. Instead of rote learning through lectures and tests, Digication allows students to create online portfolios, collaborative and safe learning spaces, to encourage project-based learning. Campuses report that sustained ePortfolio usage leads to higher levels of student success, including significant increases in pass rates, GPA, and retention rates.

About our culture
We work remotely and employees are spread around the globe but more importantly we work as a team, with direct access to the company founders. We are self motivated, hold ourselves accountable for our work and commitments. Although we work with a sense of urgency, we don’t like cutting corners. Integrity is more important for us then profitability (although we are profitable!). We are not a “work hard/play hard” startup but responsible adults with diverse backgrounds and interests who take our mission, our clients and our lives seriously. We value personal growth and learning over titles and salaries.