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Thaddaeus Canuel Discusses the Transformative Power of Internship Using the ePortfolio

Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we delve into the captivating journey of Thaddaeus Canuel, where the spotlight is on the transformative power of the ePortfolio in internship experiences.

Thaddaeus's story is not just about securing a spot in the House of Representatives; it's an odyssey of personal and professional growth, a tale that unfolds like a thrilling roller coaster ride. So, fasten your seatbelts as we navigate the twists and turns of Thaddaeus Canuel's Internship Odyssey, where internship experience takes center stage.

Introduction to Thaddaeus Canuel's Internship Experience

Picture this: a Star Wars-loving aspiring engineer who, after an unexpected turn of events, finds himself not building spaceships but navigating the intricate corridors of politics.

In the dynamic landscape of internships, Thaddaeus Canuel emerges as a beacon of inspiration, turning a mere internship into a transformative journey. Thaddaeus, armed with degrees in Political Science and Psychology from Arizona State University (ASU,) was ready to conquer the political arena. His internship, with guidance from another Digication Scholars Conversations guest, Gina Woodall - his teacher at ASU who introduced him to Digication, wasn't just a professional checkpoint. It was a profound exploration of his passions, a journey that would shape his career trajectory.

Getting Involved in the Internship Program

Thaddaeus's adventure begins with a stellar recommendation from Professor Strickland, propelling him into an internship in the heart of political action – the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. This wasn't just an academic endeavor; it was a pivotal moment that ignited Thaddaeus's passion for working in politics. The Arizona Teen Court Association had laid the groundwork, and now, Thaddaeus was ready for the big leagues.

Duration and Significance of the Internship

Fast forward to four to five whirlwind months in the political epicenter, where Thaddaeus wasn't merely an intern but a key player in the legislative process. The National Defense Authorization Act for 2023 became his arena, showcasing not only his skills but also his unwavering dedication and commitment to making a meaningful impact.

The significance of Thaddaeus's internship experience goes beyond the surface level of tasks and responsibilities. It delves into the heart of his personal and professional growth, a journey that challenges him to step outside his comfort zone and contribute meaningfully to the legislative landscape.

Reflective Learning Through High Impact-Practice

Enter Digication, a learning platform designed for high-impact practices – Thaddaeus's secret weapon in documenting his challenging and propitious internship experience. Using Digication, Thaddaeus created an Internship ePortfolio, a  digital treasure trove encapsulating the significance of his journey, serving as a testament to his commitment to self-reflection. It's not merely a collection of artifacts but a living narrative of his growth, a testament to the importance of reflection in the learning process.


Thaddaeus capitalizes on the full breadth of Digication’s capabilities as a tool for perpetual self-improvement. Recognizing the power of self-reflection, he leverages this platform to not only document his experiences but also to analyze and understand his growth throughout the journey. It's a dynamic process that encourages introspection, making Thaddaeus an active and engaged participant in the development of his skills and strengths.

Continuing Reflective Practice After Graduation

Thaddaeus's commitment to reflective practice doesn't end with graduation; it's a lifelong pursuit. Beyond the confines of academia, he envisions seamlessly integrating self-reflection into his everyday life. For him, it's not just a skill to master; it's a way of life that enhances learning, fosters personal development, and fuels perpetual curiosity.

In a world where constant evolution is the norm, Thaddaeus recognizes the enduring value of self-reflection. His dedication to incorporating this practice into his post-graduation endeavors is a testament to the belief that growth is a continuous journey, not a destination.

Unexpected Pivots in Thaddaeus' Journey

But Thaddaeus's journey wasn't always destined for politics. An early attempt at engineering signaled the need for change and paved the way for an unexpected pivot toward criminal justice and AP Psychology. This twist in the plot wasn't a setback; it was a revelation. Thaddaeus's ability to adapt to unexpected turns became a defining characteristic of his career journey.

The real game-changer, however, unfolded during his internship in 2022. Imagine Thaddaeus at an event where Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona was speaking.  He felt a strong, sudden urge to approach the senator. Despite initial apprehension, he trusted his gut, got her attention, and took full advantage of the opportunity to speak to her one-on-one.! That bold move led him to intern at her office, altering the trajectory of his career.

Current Position and Future Roles

Fast forward to the present – Thaddaeus isn't just reminiscing about his internship; he's reaping its rewards every day. Now employed full-time as staff in the United States Senate in Washington, D.C., his excitement to serve people knows no bounds, and he's determined to make a difference on a grand scale. Thaddaeus is knee-deep in new policies, bills, and laws. His excitement to serve the people of Arizona is contagious, and he's committed to making critical, positive changes for fellow Arizonans and the United States of America as a whole.

thaddaeus-canuel-showcases-digital-technology-internship-ePortfolioA Recap and Well Wishes

And there you have it – Thaddaeus Canuel's Internship Odyssey, a narrative that goes beyond the surface and dives into the depths of personal and professional growth. From a political enthusiast to a key player in the Senate, his journey is one of growth, unexpected turns, and self-discovery. So, what's your internship story? Thaddaeus's tale shows us how, sometimes, the most unexpected turns and trusting your gut lead to the most extraordinary destinations. Here's to high-impact practices, reflective learning experiences, and the endless possibilities they unlock! Cheers to Thaddaeus and his bright future ahead.